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IDX FTP Feed Website Design Package Faq\'s

I'm interested in purchasing a design package, what forms of payment do your take?
All design fees and first month hosting fee is due at the time of your order.

For design package payments, we accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, both business and personal checks drawn on US Banks, Wire Transfers, Money Orders, and Cashier Checks.

When paying by credit card there is a 2.5% handling fee that is charged in addition to the design fees.

When paying by Wire Transfer, Money Order, or Cashiers Check, fees due must be received prior to the purchase of your chosen template as well as prior to any work commencing.

I'm interested in purchasing a design package, if I am unhappy with the design can I get a refund?
Once the design process begins design fees become non-refundable. Because the templates offered on our site are exactly what a clients site will look like when it goes live, or if we are using a clients existing design, clients know up front how their site will look and function, therefore it is extremely important that clients take their time when choosing a template for their new website, and spend time with one of our representatives to dicuss customizations and ask as many questions necessary to insure your complete satisfaction.

To further insure your happiness with our services, we do offer a 20 day free trial which will allow you to fully test the backend of your website and the features available with your design package. Request a IDX FTP Feed Free 20 Day Trial now.

What if I want to change my site to a new template down the road?
This is not a problem. We all like change now and then! We charge a one time fee of $175.00 plus the cost for the new template.

How long does it normally take for the delivery of my new web site if I purchase a design package?
Allow up to 15 to 20 business days for the over all design - this is affected by the amount of time it takes you to respond to the designer assigned to your account when he or she requests information.

Once the over all design is completed the designer will send you an email that will contain a link to initiate necessary paperwork required by your MLS Board to allow access to their IDX that you will need to sign, and if neccessary will need to have signed by your Broker in-charge. Once all signatures required are in place, either you or your Broker must fax that paperwork to your MLS Board for approval. It generally takes your MLS board 5 to 10 business days to approve your paperwork and provide access to the IDX.

In total it can take up to 30 business days - again this can be reduced significantly by how quickly you respond to the designer as well as how quickly your MLS board moves to approve your paperwork.

What if I choose the smallest design package now, but want to add additional pages later, is this possible and if so, how much will it cost?
With our Real Estate Design Packages, you have total control over your web page content therefore you can add additional pages anytime you wish on your own without incurring any costs. The number of pages that initially come with your package is ONLY the number of pages the designer will setup for you, but once your site is released to you, you can continue to add pages and links to your menus whenever you want on your own.

What if I decide to move to a new hosting provider, can I take my pages with me?
Our design packages, software, and scripts are intended to be hosted on our servers only. However, the template is yours and we will provide you with a zip file that will contain the template in its original state and will not contain any scripts or your data content...it is only the shell of the template in its original state. Additionally, the template itself is licensed to be used on the domain name it was ordered for only and can not be used on another domain unless a new license is purchased.

Can I use the web site template for another domain name?
Not unless you buy another license for the template and only if it is still available. Just like with computer software, templates are not re-distributable and are covered by strict licenses and agreements.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Click the Live Assistant Link located on any of our pages during operating hours and one of our live representatives will be happy to assist you. Or click here and submit your questions via our sales inquiry form and a representative will respond to you promptly.

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