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Real Estate Websites for Real Estate Website Design
Real Estate Website Design w/Property Listing Software
Absolutely no HTML or programming experience required! Manage your property listings and web pages using nothing more than the browser you are using to view this web page. Editing and creating web pages is similar to using MS Word to type a letter - just type the content and save!

All of our real estate website packages include your choice of one of our professional real estate website design templates at no extra charge. Or use a template you've found elsewhere, or use your existing website design:

I have found a template on another website that I would like to use for my new website or I want to use my existing website design for my new website, can I? This shouldn't be a problem as long as the template or your existing site meets our specs in order to integrate it into the scripts and software that will power your website. Just click the Live Assistant icon in the left menu of this page and chat in real time with our representative and provide the web address where the template or your existing design is located and he or she will review the template and let you know if it can be used or not.

IMPORTANT LINKS for the Property Listing Software Design Packages:
Frequently Asked Questions - most of your questions will be answered here.
View Live Demo - you'll find white information boxes that will explain customizations of the different areas of the property listing software.
Property Listing Software Package Add-ons
Request 20 Day Free Trial - allows you to test the system before you buy.
What to expect when you order a design package.

  HTML Package $450
  with Flash Header Optional - Add $100.00 to above package price.
Monthly Hosting Fee: $29.95 $39.95 $49.95

  Software Features
Our Property Listing Software is capable of supporting an unlimited number of real estate listings.
Click here to view details of our Property Listing Software
  Multiple Agent Support* 1 up to 3 4 up to 9 10 up to 15*
  Included Features: Full customization of all fields to meet your needs, Lead Generation, Featured Listings, Unlimited Property Classes, Property Listing Photos layout options in Slideshow, Java Columns, or Java Rows, Virtual Tour Popup Link, and more. Click here to view full details of our Property Listing Software
  Free Optional Addons**: Agent Roster, Virtual Tours, Featured Listings, Quick Search, Printable Flyers, Mortgage Calculators, File Downloads, Email All - Agents/Members, Agent Search, Agent Bio Pages, Open Houses. Click here to view details and all Property Listing Software Addons
  Paid Optional Features: Google Maps, XML Data Feeds, PayPal Visitor View Listings Payment, PayPal Agent Add Listings, Craigs List HTML Generator, Online Reservations, and more. Click here to view details and all Property Listing Software Addons
* Need additional Agents? Additional agents can be added in increments of 3: 3 Agents - $10.00 per month added to your monthly fee.
** Some free addons count as pages against the total number of initial pages that come with your design package.

  Full Webpage Management: Our system provides you the ability to fully manage the content of your web pages, including adding / editing web pages, menu links, easy image upload and placement, advanced image management, auto site visitor registration / unregistration for restricted access pages, all without any html or programming knowledge needed using nothing more than the browser you are using to view this web page! Click here to view details and snapshots for web page management.
  FREE - Professional Templates FREE - Your Choice of Professional Template
view real estate website design templates
If you need assistance with viewing the templates, please click to chat with our live assistant.
  # of Web Pages * up to 8
* user unlimited
9 to 15
* user unlimited
16 to 30
* user unlimited
   * User Unlimited - you are not restricted to this number of pages - this is the number of pages that we initially do for you when we design your site. Once your site is completed and we hand your site over to you, you can add as many pages as you like - on the fly - NO HTML knowledge needed!
  Free Package Addons*: Choose from any or all of our free package addons: Real Estate Article Manager, Real Estate Glossary, Mortgage Rate Display, Testimonials, Local Weather Ticker, Live Chat Pro, Google Sitemap Generator, Google Analytics, Google Calendar. Click here to view details of Design Package Addons.
* Note - some free addons count as pages against the total number of initial pages that come with design package.
  Paid Package Addons: Choose from any or all of our package addons, Real Estate Blog, Newsletter Mail Lists, Discussion Forum, Guestbook, Interactive Web Calendar, Site Poll / Survey's, Image / Photo Gallery. Need an addon not listed? We have a huge database of addon modules, too many to list here, just inquire via live chat or our sales inquiry form to discuss your needs. Click here to view details of Design Package Addons.
  Response Forms 3 forms 5 forms 8 forms
  Text & Ad Copy All content for clients web site (text verbiage, ad copy) is supplied by the client.
  Search Engine Submission Included
When we design your web site we insure that it is 100% in compliance to web standards and error free. We implement the site title, description, and keyword metatags which you provide as global tags, and upon completion of your web site we will submit your domain to the prominent search engines.

  Disk Space 1000mb 2000mb 3000mb
  Bandwidth 15 gigs 20 gigs 30 gigs
  Pop Email Accounts 8 20 35
  Other Features Included: Webmail, Email Forwarding, Auto Responders, Parked Domains, Hotlink Protection, Spam & Virus Filtering, Nightly Full Site Backups.
 READY TO ORDER? NOTE: You will need to provide the template number in the order form. If you have not already done so, click here to choose your real estate template

LEGAL NOTICE: Our servers are specifically configured around the requirements of all scripts and software used with our design packages. All scripts and software used by our system are under the gpl license, what we charge is for installation, configuration, and design only. We charge no fees for software and scripts. Our web design packages, scripts, and software, are specifically for hosting on our servers. We do not design websites to be hosted with other services.

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