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Real Estate Domain Name Registration Faq's
Is The Real Estate Host a Registrar?
No we are not a registrar. We are an affiliate of Bulk Register/Enom. It is through this affiliation that we are able to register and manage our clients domain names.

I'm interested in signing up with The Real Estate Host for a hosting account and I want to register my domain name, how do I get both?
You will have the option of registering your domain name on our order form and it will be processed at the same time that your account is setup.

My domain name is currently hosted with another service, how do I move it to The Real Estate Host?
When you sign up for a hosting account with us you will receive a welcome email that will contain our name server information. You will then need to visit your registrar and modify the current name servers for your domain name to reflect our name servers. Once the modifications are made at your registrar it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to propagate across the networks at which time your domain name will come live on your account on our servers. If you need assistance making the modifications, we will be happy to assist you, however, your registrar should have detailed instructions for modifying your name servers in your account with them. If we can be of assistance during this process you can click our Live Assistance link located on any of our web pages, or submit the Technical Support Request Form and our techs will respond promptly.

My domain name is currently registered through another registrar and I would like to transfer it to The Real Estate Host's registration services, how do I do this?
This can be easily accomplished by submitting the form in the Customer Service Area titled Transfer Domain Registration To The Real Estate Host. Once we receive your request we will initiate the request through the main registrar. Confirmation email's will be sent to the Administrative Contact as it is listed in a Whois report for your domain name. You will need to follow all instructions contained in that confirmation email in order for the transfer to be successful. Your domain registration must not be expired with the current registrar and there must be at least 14 business days before expiration in order to initiate a transfer request.

Are there any fees for transferring my registration to The Real Estate Host's registration services?
The only fee that will apply will be the cost for the 1 year renewal that is automatically applied for any domain names transferred. Please refer to our Domain Registration page for registration and renewal fees.

If I register my domain name through The Real Estate Host, will I retain ownership or will The Real Estate Host?
You will always retain ownership of any domain names that you register through The Real Estate Host as long as the renewal fees are up to date.

What happens when it is time to renew my domain registration, will I be notified?
Our clients have the option to setup with Auto Renewal of their domain registrations when they sign up for hosting services with us. Each year, 30 days prior to expiration of your domain registrations, any registrations you have elected for auto renewal will be automatically renewed and the current billing method on file for your account will automatically be charged the renewal fee.

What happens with my domain registrations if I cancel my hosting service with The Real Estate Host?
As long as your fees are current, your domain registration belongs to you. However, if you have elected for auto renewal, auto renewal will automatically be cancelled and it will be your responsibility to insure that you visit our web site each year to renew your domain registration. The primary registrar, Bulk Register/Enom sends renewal notifications starting 45 days prior to a domain registration expiring to the email address listed in the registrars database for the administrative contact. It is your responsibility to insure that this contact information is kept current so that you always receive important notices from the registrar regarding your domain registrations. To make modifications to your contact records please visit the Account Management Area and submit the appropriate forms under Domain Registration Options.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Click the Live Assistance Link located on any of our pages during operating hours and one of our live representatives will be happy to assist you. Or click here and submit your questions via our sales inquiry form and a representative will respond to you promptly.

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