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What To Expect When You Order A Design Package

To order a website design package, simply click the Order Now button at the bottom of the packages that corresponds with the package size you want and the system will walk you through the order process.

Upon receipt of your order, our billing staff will process your order and send you a receipt that will contain the amount being billed as well as important information pertaining to using our services. Please keep that receipt for future reference. Attached to that receipt will be the standard design contract that is required for all design packages. Initial, sign, and date where indicated and fax back to the fax number included in the receipt.

We cannot move forward with your site until the signed contract is faxed back to us.

Upon the billing staffs receipt of the signed contract, your account will be assigned to one of our designers who will slip you an email to introduce himself or herself to you. At this point the designer will setup your account on our servers, purchase the template you've requested, or grab your existing design, and then begin installing all the scripts and software that will be powering your account. This process is a 3 day process and after the initial introduction email that the designer sent, you will not hear from the designer until this process is done. Once this process is done the designer will email you and provide you with a temporary web address where you can watch the progress of your new site. The designer will also include a list of questions which they will need answers to in order to proceed. From here, you and the designer will communicate via email regarding customization's and various changes to your overall site template.

Once the overall design phase is completed, the designer will contact you and ask that you visit your site to approve the final look and feel and will then make any final neccessary corrections. Once you have approved the design, the designer will then email you and request the ad copy for the initial pages that come with the design package you've ordered.

Once your ad copy has been added to your pages, your web site is considered complete and the designer will contact you and ask if you would like access to your site prior to bringing it live to give you the opportunity to add additional pages, ad copy, data, that was not covered under the initial pages that came with the design package you ordered, and if you chose to do so, the designer will provide you with login instructions as well as send you the User Manual in .pdf format.

When you are ready to bring your site live the designer will ask for you to provide he or she with any email addresses you want created for your account and will send that information to you as well as the name server information for our servers at which time you will need to visit the registrar for your domain registration and modify the current name servers for your account to reflect the ones the designer provides to you. At this point you will no longer be able to access your new web site until the name server modifications have propagated across the networks, this generally takes up to 24 hours. Once propagated, your new web site and email are live on our servers.

At this point your web site is officially complete and you are ready to fly and have the ability to fully manage the content of your web site!

This is not the end of our assistance. We realize that it may take several times accessing and making modifications or additions before you are completely comfortable, this is not a problem - we're here for you. You will find links inside your administrator for reaching our Live Assistant during normal business hours, as well as obtaining after hour support. Our entire staff are fully trained and familiar with the scripts and software used for your site and can assist you at any time.

Have more questions? Click our Live Assistance link located in the upper left portion of our left menu to chat in real time with one of our representatives who can thoroughly answer any questions you may have.

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