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Property Listing Software Features & Capabilities

A powerful alternative to Smart Framing or FTP Feed IDX Integration. Providing you full control over your property listings, listing data, and images, and is extremely customizable.

This specialized software enables real estate professionals to input their own listings, photos, and data directly into their website. It provides them with complete control over the amount of information they want to display about each listing, without relying on or connecting to their MLS. Often real estate professionals choose to use this method in conjunction with the Smart Framing method, thus allowing them to enter and display their own listings on their website for their visitors to search, and only when the visitor is unable to find what they are looking for, then provide them with a link to search the MLS.

Following is a list of standard features installed with our Property Listing Software. Don't see something listed? - please click to chat live with one of our representatives, or submit our sales inquiry form and provide us with your ideas.

Unlimited Real Estate Listings

Quick Search on the front page of your site

Unlimited Property Classes (homes, condos, lots,
 commercial, etc.)

Enable or Disable Listing Expiration

Restrict Access to view listings

Agent Roster

Printable Flyers for all Listings

Mortgage Calculators

Listings Mapped with Google Maps

School Information mapped with Yahoo
Customized to meet your needs:
- Listing Detail Pages
- Search Result Pages
- Search Fields

Featured Listings:
- Displayed on any or all pages of your site
- Full page featured listing page

Listing Images:
- 10 - 20 images per listing
- Easy image upload
- Auto thumbnail creation

Virtual Tours:
- 1 virtual tour per listing
- Easy virtual tour upload or external link

Single & Multiple Agent Support
- Separate login to add edit their own listings
- Agent bio page with link to view agents listings
- Allow / Disallow Featured Listings per agent

Listings are displayed on your web page in a clean searchable format with thumbnails and brief summaries for visitors. When visitors click thumbnail or read more link, all details are displayed with the images in a smooth and attractive slide show format.

This powerful feature allows you to quickly add, delete, and manage your property listings, property classes, listing order, and agents easily.

Add new listing - When you click to add a listing from the Administrator a window will open where you enter the specifics for your property. Simply complete the fields and then click update. Once you've added your listing you will then have access to upload Images or Virtual Tour.

Property Classes
- the types of property that you manage (condos, new construction, homes, lots, etc.) are known as property classes. These can be edited or added to at any time and appear in the drop down in the property specifics. Property classes allow you to group by type for easier searching You can have as many or few property classes as you like.

Listing Order
- you have the ability to order the listings on your web site by price, by date entered, by a special field, all with descending to ascending or ascending to descending.

- We will customize the Interior, Exterior, and Community Amenities to meet your specific needs at the time that we install our software and scripts for your site.

Add New Listing:

Property Listing Management Add Listing Thumb

Add/Update Listing Images - Once you've added your listing and click Update, you will then see two new links on the listing page. One for Editing Images and one for uploading Virtual Tour. Each listing supports up to 10 images and 1 virtual tour.

Uploading / Edit Images
- Click the link for Images and the screen will open to a window where you can quickly browse and upload the images from your computer. You can upload from 1 up to 10 images at once. Once you've browsed and located each photo for the listing that you want to upload you click the Update button at which point the system uploads the image and automatically creates a thumbnail for each image.

Image Captions & Order
- Once the system has uploaded your images and created thumbnails you can scroll down the screen and see both the thumbnail and original image and have the ability to enter a short Caption that describes the photo as well as enter in which order you want the image to appear in the listing. Simply complete the information and click update.

Virtual Tours
- Each listing supports one virtual tour. Click the virtual tour link to locate the tour on your computer and then upload. Software required to create virtual tours is not included.

- Many offices utilize a service on the web to create and host their virtual tours. We can easily add a field for the web address for these virtual tours that will open the tour in a small window on top of your listing detail page.
Adding Listing Photo's

Property Listing Management Edit Thumb

Listing Photo Captions & Image Order

Property Listing Image Editor Thumb

Add / Edit Agents:

Using the agent manager you can add, remove, or disable agents, control how many listings they can add, allow featured listings, and virtual tours, and control other privileges such as whether you want them to have the ability to modify their personal information that is displayed with their listings.

Once you add an agent, they have their own login area where they manage their own listings.

Add / Edit Agents

Property Listing Agent Management Thumb


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