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Real Estate Domain Name Registration
 It is our goal to make running and managing your real estate web site easy and affordable. Our real estate domain name registration services are an extension of this goal by making it a part of our all-in-one service. We register your domain through an ICANN Approved registrar for 100% safety.

Don't have your own domain name yet? That's alright. We'll help you get started on the web the right way with the domain name of your choice. When you order one of our services, whether it be just a web hosting plan, or one of our complete design packages, you will be asked whether your order includes a new domain name. Or, if you are unsure of the domain name that you want, click our Live Assistance graphic and ask our representative to check the availability of a specific domain name and ask them to also run it through our domain name spinner which will provide you with many different and similar domain names available for registration. Choosing your domain name is as important as designing your website. When choosing your domain name you should keep in mind that it also plays an important part with real estate search engine optimization and ranking.

Already have a domain name? No matter who your current registrar is, you can transfer your domain name to us for dependable domain name management. Doing this will assure your domain name never expires because at your request we will automatically renew your domain name annually. Don't want to change registrar?...that's okay too, we will provide you with our name servers to provide to your current registrar which will enable your domain name to come live with your new real estate web hosting plan on our servers!

View pricing and additional benefits of our domain registration services below.

No Hassle Ownership Many services force you to put your domain registration in their name, making it difficult for you to manage or move your registration elsewhere or even move to a new hosting service. With our registration services you are listed as the owner and you keep 100% control over your domain names.
Guaranteed Auto-Renewal Our customers never worry about losing their domain name by forgetting to renew them. At the time you register or transfer your domain registration to our registration services you can elect to have your domain registration automatically renewed each year for as long as you are a hosting client - this means no more worries that you missed a renewal notice. There is no fee for this option.
Free Domain Name Transfers You can transfer any or all of your current domain registrations to our registration service for easy management and control of all of your domain names in one location.
Free Domain Parking When you sign up for one of our web hosting plans or real estate web sites you can setup up to 2 pointers for any of your domain names. (ie. point your.org to your.com)
Easy Domain Registration Management Our Customer Service Area has all the necessary forms which assist you in modifying contact records, renewing registrations, registering new domain names, and more.
Private Registration Option When you register any domain name, ICANN requires that your information be made available for anyone to find on the web. Telemarketers, spammers, marketers, and others often mine the WHOIS database to collect your personal information. Private Registration prevent this from happening. This new option is available for $9.95 per year for each domain name you choose this option for.
Domain Registration Pricing:


$35.50 per year
$42.50 per year
$42.50 per year
$42.50 per year
$45.00 per year
$45.00 per year
How do I register my domain name?
Simply submit our order form where you can request your registration at the same time you order your hosting account or complete real estate web site design package or if you are already a client just visit the Account Management Area where you can register as many domain names as you like by submitting the register new domain name form.

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