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Real Estate Web Site Design - Property Listing Integration Options
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We offer 3 options to integrate your property listings into your website:

Please click the link at the end of the paragraph for the method which best meets your needs to view that methods design packages and costs:

For Single Agents, Single Brokers, and Full Brokerages with multiple agents and offices.
Packages from $450.00.
With this method your property listings and photo's, using special scripts and software, are automatically exported from your MLS' database and displayed on your website in an attractive and organized layout. Listings are automatically updated as changes are made at your MLS. This method frees you from having to manually enter your listings or maintaining your listings since all data is imported directly from the MLS. Additionally, this method provides for more thorough lead capture and management as well as many other advanced features.

For Single Agents, Single Brokers, and Full Brokerages.
Packages from $450.00. 
This method is a cost effective way to display property listings on your website and is an excellent option for real estate professionals wishing to work independant of their MLS boards or for real estate professionals in other countries where there are no MLS boards. Because there is no connectivity with the MLS, property listings are added manually via an admin area at the click of a mouse or in bulk using the csv importer add-on. This method allows for complete control over listings and data, and also allows for nearly an unlimited amount of customization and formatting options for your listing pages. This method can also be used in combination with the above Smart Framing method.

For Single Agents, Single Brokers, and Full Brokerages.
Packages from $350.00.
This is the most cost efficient method to display property listings on your website and is offered free with our design packages. Using this method of integration your MLS provides you with a web link(s) that we encode in your website that displays the MLS search directly from their server to your website thus keeping your site visitors on your website while searching your listings. Because the data is formatted by your MLS, this method offers no amount of formatting capabilities therefore you should ask your MLS provider to provide you with some sample links so that you can see how the framed MLS search will appear on your website. (Regardless of who your MLS provider is, if your MLS provider supports this method, we can support your MLS) - Please contact your MLS provider and ask if they support Smart Framing.

Have more questions regarding the above methods? - Click the Live Assistant link in the left menu to chat in real time with one of our representatives when online, or click here to submit our sales inquiry form and a representative will contact you shortly.

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