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Real Estate Website Templates - For Design Packages
All of our real estate website design packages include your choice of one of our professional real estate website templates below.  If you are wanting to purchase a template without a design package, please click here.


How to select a template: 

1. As you browse through the templates, please write down the template number for any templates that interest you.  You will also need the template number when ordering your design package.

2. Many of the templates that you view below include Flash, those templates also include an html only version.  Please keep in mind that our design packages only support Flash templates with Flash Headers only - you can identify Flash templates with flash headers only when you click to View Details and a small area at the top of that screen displays only the flash portion of the template. If the whole template appears in flash, only the html version of that template can be used.

3. Depending on the features and options that you select with your design package, the layout of the template you've chosen may be affected. Once you've made a list of the templates that interest you, please click the Live Assistant chat button located at the top left of this screen to chat in real time with one of our representatives so they may view your list of templates and explain any formatting that possibly can be changed as well as formatting that will change depending on features and options.

4. Once you've decided on the template for your website design, return to the Real Estate Website Design Packages page to select the design package of your choice.

Due to the number of templates, please allow up to 30 seconds for templates to load.

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