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Smart Framing Design Package Add-ons

When you need specialized applications and functions incorporated into your real estate website design, look no further than TheRealEstateHost.com. Our library of pre-configured add-on applications will expand your real estate web site design and entice more user interaction resulting in additional visitor interest and increased website stickiness.

- Any of the FREE Add-ons listed below must be installed when you initially order your website.

- Any of the PAID Add-ons listed below can be installed into your website at any time.

All add-on applications integrate seamlessly with our real estate web page management and real estate listings management systems and become an integral part of your website. The costs associated with each add-on is a one-time installation and configuration fee. There are no additional monthly fees associated with add-ons.

Need something specific but it's not listed in our add-ons?
The installation of our complete web page management system and listings management applications allows us to create custom and specialized real estate website applications for just about any idea you might have. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and if it is possible for us to create your application, we'll provide you with a quote.

For more information about any of these optional website applications, please feel free to chat with one of our representatives or contact us for more details.

(the following add-ons can be added to any design package)

Real Estate Article Feeder - FREE
Real Estate Glossary - FREE
Mortgage Rate Display - FREE
Testimonials - FREE
Local Weather Ticker - FREE
  Testimonial Manager - FREE
Live Chat Pro - FREE
Google Sitemap Generator - FREE
Google Analytics - FREE
Google Calendar - FREE
  WordPress Blog - $100.00
Newsletter | Mail List Lite - $50.00
Newsletter | Mail List Pro - $150.00
Discussion Forum - $150.00
Guestbook - $50.00

HOT! WordPress Blog - $100.00
Blogging is HOT! And, because search engines and web users alike absolutely love blogs, it's a great way to add your own local spin and opinions to the world. Blogs, short for "Web Log", can function as personal diaries, commentaries, news, opinion, and more. Blogs can focus on just about any subject you can think of and many real estate professionals have discovered that blogs work well to communicate with their prospects and other interested parties. Suggestions are local real estate laws, building regulations, local market conditions, local businesses and attractions, new listings, new markets, etc.

Our Real Estate Blog Add-on allows you to completely publish and manage your own blog right from your Website Administrator and is completely integrated into your website. You can easily create and edit your blog posts, add images to your posts, arrange your posts into specific categories, and manage how your posts are organized on your site.

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HOT! Real Estate Article Manager - FREE
It's always good to have as much information on your real estate website to provide valuable information to your visitors and keep them coming back to your site. Articles also serve to increase your search engine rankings because many popular search engines love original content.

Our Real Estate Article Manager comes complete with 15 generic real estate articles for Buyers and Sellers. It also allows you to edit and customize these articles to fit your market. Plus, our Article Manager allows you to add as many of your own articles as you wish.

The installed package contains the following articles to get you started:

For Home Buyers:
- Do I need an agent to buy a home?
- Closing Costs & Points
- First Time Homebuyer
- Fixed or Adjustable?
- Flood Insurance
- Is Foreclosed not a good idea?
- Homeowners Insurance
- Why request a home inspection

For Home Sellers:
- Are home inspections required?
- What home inspectors look for
- What's not included in an inspection
- Sell faster
- Selling home for more
- Setting selling price
- Should I hire a REALTOR®

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Real Estate Glossary - FREE
The Glossary adds pages that contain common real estate terms along with their meanings and formats the display to conform to your website. The administrative functions are integrated into your website administrator and allow you to add your own glossary terms. The glossary is helpful to your visitors by explaining often misunderstood and complicated terms and phrases related to the real estate industry. Over 300 terms included.

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Local and National Mortgage Rate Display - FREE
This module displays current local and national mortgage rates on your site. The application generates a small display area on any pages you elect to have it, but usually this is provided on your website home page. Requires no maintenance. Mortgage rate data is automatically retrieved dailey from thefinancials.com.

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Testimonials - FREE
One of the simplest and most powerful ways to promote your business and establish yourself as an expert is to include compelling client testimonials into your website. Effectively implemented, testimonials serve to confirm your ability to satisfy client expectations and install confidence that prospects are making the right choice when they select you to represent them. Prospects want to know who they can trust and testimonials from previous clients can do just that. Our Testimonials add-on allows clients post their own testimonials in their own words for inclusion into your site. The submitted testimonials can then be edited and approved by you in your website Administrator before publication.

View it in action by clicking our Testimonial link in the left menu.

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Newsletter / Mailing List Lite - $75.00
This module allows for a single list on your site and incorporates subscriber management right into your website. Subscribers can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter quickly with just their name and email address. And, you can write and send your newsletter right from your website administrator.

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Newsletter / Mailing List Pro - $150.00
This module allows for multiple mailing lists. Our integrated mailing list solution allows you to create multiple mailing lists, allowing you to conduct multiple email campaigns and email lists from your website administrator. Your site visitors can choose to join one or all of the mailing lists that you create. Your subscribers get full front-end control over their subscriptions and preferences.

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Local Weather Ticker - FREE
Display your local weather conditions and forecast on your pages using the Weather Ticker Add-on. The ticker gathers information from the National Weather Service and creates a small, attractive display of current conditions in your area. The ticker also generates links to forecasts, radar images, and more. Weather tickers can generate general interest in your site, particularly for out-of-town visitors or those looking to relocate to your area.

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Google Site Map | Google Site Coder - FREE
Site maps are useful for your visitors as well as for search engine optimization. Visitors will see a complete map of your site pages for quick and easy navigation. The site map generator also produces a map formatted especially for Google (Google account required) so the GoogleBot can quickly scan your site links for indexing. A site map on your website is a critical tool for any SEO campaign.

The Sitemap for our site is generated using our SiteMap Generator. Click the Site Map menu item to see an example.

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Google Analytics - FREE
Track your site visitors, where they come from, what keywords they use to get to your site, and more. Google analytics is a feature rich feature we encourage all of our clients to utilize for their site stats. Google offers its analytics free of charge and you can visit Google Analytics at http://google.com/analytics/.

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Google Calendar - FREE
This awesome module allows for the integration of your Google Calendar right into your website. Google offers their calendar free of charge and has many awesome features, you can visit Google at http://google.com/calendar/.

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Live Chat Pro - FREE
Sign up with any of the many Live Chat services and we will integrate your live chat into your new website free of charge.

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Discussion Board / Forum - $150.00
A discussion board, or forum, is a specialized application installed on your website that invites visitor interaction and participation through open discussion. Forums are often used as online "communities" where participants contribute content and/or advice to other participants in an open environment. They can be used by real estate professionals to increase client interaction and open discussion on several local issues and industry trends. Forums are a great way for your visitors to discuss such topics as financial information. local attractions, local businesses, local market conditions, and more.

Forum management is integrated into your website administrator allowing you to easily manage your forum from one central location. The forum itself is fully integrated and becomes a part of your website.

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Guestbook - $50.00
Guestbooks allow your visitors to enter comments about your site, or a particular feature of your site. Many agents and companies use guestbook's to gather user feedback and/or comments about their site. This information can then be used to help make changes to your site and/or add requested features. Guestbook's are an informal method for gaining user information directly from your visitors.

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