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Real Estate Website Design Package Feature Details
You CAN have the professional real estate website of your dreams! Host your own real estate listings, have featured listings on all or any page of your site, multiple agents with the ability to manage their own listings, add edit real estate listings and web pages on the fly & much MORE! All without any html or programming experience required!


The following features come standard with all our design packages:

Web Page & Content Management:

- Create / Edit Web Pages on the fly
- Easy image upload & placement
- Advanced images for lightbox effect popups
- Auto email address cloaking (spam control)
- Auto Site Visitor Registration/Un-registration with email authorization
- Restrict areas for registered users only
- Email address setup
- Webmail access for when you are away from your office
- Web site visitor stats
- Spam and virus filtering
- Unlimited training & support

Once we are finished with the design of your site, you can easily manage your web pages without any worry of disrupting the design of your site or causing any issues or errors that would cause your pages to go down.

Using the installed WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor you can create or edit your web pages instantly. Much like using a word processor, just place your cursor in the editor and type. Formatting is just like using a word processor, to make a word or sentence bold, just highlight the content and click the B in the editor. Unlike 99% of other WYSIWYG editors available on the web, the editor installed in your account does not add unwanted hidden coding that confuses search engine spiders and often even causing errors in the various browsers, therefore, you can rest assured the coding behind your site is clean.

Enhance your site with our Real Estate Website Package Add-ons.

Your potential is limitless!



Easily manage your web site, real estate listings, agents, and registered users from our friendly click-n-go user interface.

From the administrator you can also easily click to chat in real time with a representative to obtain support, or click to go directly to our Customer Service area, reach the Control Panel for your hosting account to view stats and more.


Managing the web pages for your site couldn't be easier. From the Administrator you click the Web Page Manager link and you are taken to a page that lists out all of your current pages as well provides a link for creating a new page to add to your site.

The editor is based on the famous FCKeditor, also known as a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) which allows you to place your cursor anywhere on the page and type. To edit an existing page of your site simply click the page name from the list and it will open in the editor. Make any changes you like and click Save. That's all there is to it. To create a new page, click the link for New and the editor opens to a blank page, simply type in the Title of your page and place your cursor in the text box and start typing. You apply attributes such as bold, italics, underlines, and any other attributes the same way you apply them in any word processor, highlight the text then click B for bold, or I for italics and so on. Each command in the editor includes a description when you hover your cursor over each graphic. Once you've inserted your data, click save, and then assign it to your menu at just a click.

Web Page Manager:

Web Page Manager thumbnail

Web Page Editor:

Web Page Manager Editor Thumb
Restricted Access & Visitor Registration - Some real estate sites like to provide certain information to members only. Our system allows this easily by placing a login area on the pages of your site as well as a New Registration link for members not yet registered. As the Site Manager you have the ability to moderate registration or allow instant registration. When a user registers an email is automatically sent to the email address to confirm their registration and contains a link they must click to confirm. Upon confirming, if you are moderating member sign up, you will receive an email from the system stating you have pending member activations at which time you login to your Administrator and under the User Manager you click a button to approve or disapprove, otherwise, the system email's the user upon receiving their confirmation and provides them with the username and password to log in as a member. Once logged in, and if you have created in pages that can only be viewed by members, the member will see these links in a member menu. Allow member registration also allows you as the Site Manager to easily send out newsletters to your registered members at the click of a button from inside your Administrator. Registered members also have the ability to un-register at any time without going through any red tape by simply clicking a Un-register link from the member menu.

Have more questions? Click our Live Assistance link located in the upper left portion of our left menu to chat in real time with one of our representatives who can thoroughly answer any questions you may have.

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