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About Us

Hello, my name is Brandy. I am the owner of The Real Estate Host. Not only do I build and serve as the lead admin for all of the servers that my real estate professionals depend on to serve their real estate website and real estate listings to the world-wide web, but I actively participate in every aspect of the operations of my company...you'll even catch me answering the telephone more than any of my other staff members.

I have been a global provider of high quality real estate web hosting and real estate website design services and resources since 1995. My staff of highly qualified professionals deliver our real estate professionals over 36 years of combined IT experience to support and competitively position their real estate businesses in today's global marketplace.

At the conception of The Real Estate Host, I made a commitment to provide real estate professionals cost effective solutions to their online needs without compromising quality. I believe that I have lived up to this commitment and it has become the foundation of my success.

It is my belief that successful real estate businesses realize that the price they pay for their real estate website design services or real estate web hosting service isn't the only factor to consider when creating a successful real estate web presence. More important is reliability, speed, value, and return on investment. My pledge is to provide real estate professionals the highest-quality, most fully-featured real estate services, at a fair price while maintaining the reliability their online real estate businesses depend on.

Quality Over Quantity Unlike other hosting providers, I do not load up a server with thousands of real estate web hosting accounts, which not only slows down the delivery of clients web sites, but increases the error and failure rate tremendously which in turn causes downtime. In that respect, I do not offer cheap real estate web hosting, and I will never compete with the numerous services out there that do. My position is that Real Estate Professionals are looking for more than just bargain-basement prices. Smart Real Estate Professionals know that the true measure of the price they pay for their real estate website design or real estate web hosting service is measured in the amount of value that service provides!

Each employee of The Real Estate Host is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible. And, we understand that not all people who want to use our services are technicians. Therefore, we excel in helping even the most inexperienced users get the most out of their real estate web sites and real estate web hosting accounts.

Customer Service Staff - My friendly customer service staff can assist you in selecting the most appropriate service for your needs and answer any questions that you have regarding any of the real estate services we offer. Whether it be a professional real estate website design, hosting your own real estate listings, or just real estate web hosting, we're here to assist you.

Design Staff - My highly skilled real estate website designers will work with you and your company to develop a professional and cost effective real estate web design solution to meet your needs. Budget constraints often prevent businesses from reaching their full online potential, our real estate web site design solutions not only lesson financial constraints tremendously, but free you to concentrate on your business without spending your valuable time trying to learn the skills neccessary for your online endeavor. Our packages require absolutely no html or programming knowledge, yet give you complete control over your real estate website without incurring extra charges like other real estate website providers charge.

Support Staff - My support staff are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Holiday's, to assist you with any issues that may arise with your real estate website or real estate web hosting account. Live assistance via our Live Chat link is available daily 8:00AM EST to 9:00PM EST - most often beyond those hours, and assistance via our online support form is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - all requests receive a response within 4 hours of submission.

Why did I not mention telephone support above? Through years of experience I found very few support requests that can be handled with a telephone call. This doesn't mean that you can't telephone us, and it doesn't mean that we will not try to assist you via the telephone. I just want you to understand that the best and primary method for obtaining support is via the methods I mentioned above. We receive 100s of telephone calls a day and it is more often impossible to return a call in the same day, which causes more frustration than anything else. I can personally guarantee you that by utilizing the methods above you will be promptly assisted.

Server & Network Administration: My system administrators have an invested interest in the stability and performance of the servers hosting your real estate business. Their familiarity with my systems and networks insures that in the event of any issues, they are handled quickly. Please visit the Servers and Network page to read more details about the power behind your online presence.

The Real Estate Host isn't the WalMart of real estate website design and real estate web hosting providers.

Our goal is not to simply try to sell as many look-alike real estate web sites as we can. While we do offer professional real estate website templates, we still take the time and effort to make sure the template is branded to your service and includes all the features that you need. In effect, we provide customized real estate website templates designed for each of our clients.

Open source software - I've taken a different course when it comes to the software that powers my real estate clients' web sites. Rather than follow the crowd, I've elected to use open source software to power my servers and client's web sites. Open source software is behind some of the world's most visited web sites including Yahoo!, Amazon.com, Google, AOL, the NASA and NASA Kids web sites and many more.

If it works well for these renowned sites, which receive heavy traffic day after day, you can feel more than confident that it will work just as well for your online real estate website.

The time has never been better to get a real estate web site design or custom solution that fits your budget, your business, and your market. The time has never been better to choose a company that cares about your success.

I hope to be a part of your online endeavor soon!

Kind regards,

President & CEO
The Real Estate Host

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